The Kia Stinger – the 4 Door Performance Sedan You Didn’t Expect from Kia – Has Arrived!


Dick Hannah Kia 2018 Stinger

There’s some excitement brewing here at Dick Hannah Kia – and we can hardly contain ourselves.

We got a Stinger!! Wait – scratch that. Dick Hannah Kia has MULTIPLE Stingers!

(can you tell we’re excited??)

Why All the Excitement Over the Kia Stinger?

The 2018 Stinger is a statement by Kia into a new market segment. The Grand Touring market has long been defined by the European marques (with the occasional competitor from the Japanese and American manufacturers) – with the focus on powerful sedans that handle all the elements in style & comfort yet with handling capabilities that would give many ‘sports’ cars a run for their money.

Speaking of money – the price tags matched their high-performance pedigree, making a true GT sedan a status symbol as well.

With the Stinger, Kia didn’t set out to duplicate a great car – there is no ‘Me Too’ attitude to be found. No, with the Stinger, Kia has changed the standards by which a GT car should be judged.

Power, Style, Practicality, Function, and Affordability?!

Normally when hearing the above adjectives used together it would be during the game of ‘One of These Things is Not Like the Other…’ – yet with the Stinger, you get ALL OF THEM.

Power – With up to 365hp lurking beneath the hood, you have a choice of RWD or AWD, both fed by a quick-shifting 8spd automatic. Yes – that is not a typo – Kia pays homage to the traditional GT layout by offering Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) as standard and AWD as an option. It’s not just fast on paper – Car and Driver found it to be quicker to 60mph than every entrant in their last mid-sized premium sports sedan test.

Style – The badging and grill may say Kia, but the rest of the car introduces a shark-like theme we’ve never seen. From reflective scales in the grill/headlights to the fin-like antenna on the rear window, the gill-like references in the bumper – the overall shape of the Stinger is reminiscent of the powerful hammerhead shark.

Practicality – Yes, it has 4 doors. But real, adult-sized humans can fit in all 4 of them. And fit comfortably. Well, unless you play for the Portland Trailblazers – then the legroom will be a bit limited. Point is, it’s not a sedan in name only – it functions as a people hauler as well. And don’t’ forget the trunk! With a hatch that opens at the touch of a button, accesses all the space without wedging bags and boxes through tiny trunk lid openings.

Function – Power, style, and practicality…but how does it actually drive? 4.7sec 0-60 and a skidpad grip level of .93 g (that’s Audi A5 territory) coupled with electronically adjustable suspension and different drive modes allows the Stinger to be customized to your individual driving taste. In real-world terms, that means the Stinger is comfortable slogging through rush-hour traffic in the pouring rain as well as hustling the backroads while channeling your inner racecar driver.

Affordability – All of this comes at a price, but not the price you think. With a starting price of $31,900* (2.0L), you will have a difficult time finding this level of value with any other car in the same category.

Come See What the Excitement is All About

Dick Hannah Kia is fortunate to have multiple Stingers in and arriving at our Vancouver showroom. With the interest, the Stinger has been receiving, we don’t expect them to last – book a test drive today or call us to schedule an appointment.